Cadbury Worm Controversy

For Media:

The point-of-view of a company was explained to media, media was also given updates about actions initiated by the company, and encouraged to share them with consumers.

The company instituted a media desk and diligently answered every media query, friendly or not. The company’s managing director urged media to assure consumers that Cadbury was safe to eat, but that consumers exercise the usual care in purchasing a chocolate that they exercise in purchasing a food item.

Furthermore, it also promised to implement packaging changes within two months to ensure against poor storage. Cadbury’s MD and key spokespersons had one-to-one sessions with 31 media editors as part of an ‘Outreach’ program initiated in November 2003.

For Employees:

Employees were also briefed about actions taken through meetings with senior managers and email updates from the MD.

Change in Packaging:

January 2004, the company launched a new double packaging that was able to wrap even the smallest 13 gm chocolate in an aluminium foil, heat-sealed for complete protection from all sides and further encased in a poly flow pack. The over-engineered pack, the first of its kind in India, cost a lot to a company, but fulfilled the company’s promise to consumers and media. By investing up to Rs.15 crore (Rs.150 million) on imported machinery, Cadbury’s revamped the packaging of Dairy Milk. The metallic poly-flow was costlier by 10-15 per cent, but Cadbury didn’t hike the pack price.

                 The new packaging was launched in a media conference. In a conference comparison kits were distributed. These kits were useful in comparing old packs and new packs. A video with packaging and factory shots for television coverage was also launched.

Ad Campaign:

Just after changing packaging Cadbury roped in Amitabh Bachchan as a brand ambassador. From the month January to March 2004, Cadbury came up with a strong Ad campaign which helped them to get back the consumer confidence. During this period Advertising expenses went up by 15% but it really helped Cadbury to get back its reputation.

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