I Am A Squirmy Wormy

-Press Release- I AM A SQUIRMY WORMY by Robin A. Knaggs is now available in mufti-format e-book. It is available in Kindle, Nook, Apple, and Kobo formats. This colorful and funny children’s book can be purchased in both hard copy or e-formats through Amazon, Books a Million, Wal-Mart.com[1] and Barnes and Noble as well as other on line purchasing agents. Electronic copies can also be found at Google eBooks, the Apple iStore and KOBO.
Robin Knaggs/O’Kane says, “We all read and tell our children and grandchildren stories. It is one of the great joys of being a parent and grandparent. And even greater joy is when the child begins to read it back to us. Sometimes it is the old favorites that our parents told us. Some times it is new ones we make up as we go. That is what ‘I Am A Squirmy Wormy’ is all about. It is a story I made up to tell my granddaughter. I am delighted to know that a story I told my granddaughter and brought us both so many laughs will now bring giggles and wiggles to other parents and children for generations.”
Check out this adorable almost musicale early reader at www.facebook.com/[2] IamASquirmyWormy. Or download a free sample at http://epubco.com/samples/978-1-63135-029-0sample.pdf[3] and from the Kindle sales page. This delightful story introduces key
words like left, right, up and down in such a way that you and your child are bound to get some giggles
as this little girl wiggles.
Lee Ashford for Readers Favorites writes “This story is not rocket science and it is not intended to be. Nor does it have to be to serve its intended purpose. The rhymes are simple, and should appeal to the very young. Likewise the colors are attractive and the illustrations are well suited to their purpose. This is a very simple, easy to understand and easy to read story for the very young and would be a welcome addition to any infant’s blossoming library.”
More information about the both the book and the author can be found at http://sbpra.com/[4] RobinAKnaggs/.

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